Play Areas

Come and play at Let’s Pretend. We’ve got ten magical play areas…

Elliott’s Surgery

Whether it’s the sniffles, chicken pox or a sore head, at Elliott’s Surgery the doctors are dedicated, quick thinking and ready for action.

With plenty of doctor’s kits to go round, our young doctors will play an important role in helping their patients towards a speedy recovery.

Our Surgery has its very own bed, x-ray light box and an ‘Operation’ style board on the wall where body parts can be plucked out with tweezers (ouch).


Crisp’s Cafe

As everyone knows a slice of cake and a cuppa fixes everything. This is certainly true in Crisp’s Café.

There’s lots of jobs to be done in our kitchen with a toy oven, microwave, and a kettle for kids to whip up their own pretend snacks. They can pop on an apron and get busy with bowls, pots and pans. Sandwiches, pizza and of course cake are just a few things on the menu at Crisp’s.

Or they might prefer to take a seat at the table or swing chair and be served by their friends. The choice is theirs.


Dr Elsa’s Vets

At Dr Elsa’s Vets, taking care of all creatures great and small is incredibly important. Children will become experts in identifying an animal’s needs, pet maintenance and performing surgery on our furry patients.

A grooming table complete with combes and brushes will ensure any animals leave smarter than when they arrived.

Veterinary kits, an xray box, cones and bandages will keep our budding surgeons busy on their shift here.


Sandy’s Supermarket

Welcome to Sandy’s Supermarket – let the shopping spree commence! Miniature trolleys are ready to be filled with all the lovely goodies on our shelves.

We even have a till full of pretend money, waiting to be spent.

Whether your child chooses to be a shopper, work the check-out or stack the shelves – there is plenty to keep them busy in our Supermarket.



Let’s Pretend had a Farm, E I E I O. And on that farm they had…. a great deal of animals. Which are rather hungry actually!

So grab a basket, a spade and some wellies and let’s get farming.

There’s a chicken coop complete with nests and chickens – with toy eggs ready to be collected. Keep an eye out for those pesky snails which need removing from our veggie patch.

The farm is set on our very own custom-made hill, so if it all gets a bit tiring then take a rest on one of our hay bales.


Jemima’s Showtime

3…2…1… Action!  It’s time to take to the stage and shine like a star at Jemima’s Showtime Theatre.

Children will be spoilt for choice with our dress up rail and accessories.

Budding performers will love showing off their talent to friends and family in the audience. Take a bow and prepare for the encore.


Sensory Zone & Nursery

Designed with our younger Pretenders in mind, this new space is filled with sparkly lights, a mirror wall, soft cushions and sequins a plenty. A lovely spot for the little ones to chill. Next door you’ll find our Nursery where children can choose a pretend baby to bath, dress and take for a stroll in one of our pushchairs before putting them to bed in their very own cot.


Big Barn Construction

Young innovators can take their creativity to the limit by building some new structures in our Big Barn Construction area.

Work never stops – with so much to do and an endless supply of soft bricks and stones to be carted around.

Don’t forget to wear the high-vis jackets and hard hats – safety first!

Cutting Edge Salon

Now it’s time to take a seat, relax and enjoy some pampering at Cutting Edge Salon.

We’ve got the tools to bring smiles to everyone who sets foot through our door.

With a toy sink, pretend scissors, hair dryers and curling tongs,  plus a selection of make up and nail varnish, children can enjoy creating a new look before heading home.