The entry price for a child is £12 for a 2.5 hour play session at peak times (9.15am and 12.15pm)

Our 3.15pm session is classed as off peak. This is a 2 hour play session priced at £10 per child.

We charge £5 for babies on the move (crawling but not walking) for our peak sessions, and £4 for off peak.

Babies in arms are free,

For each booking there must be at least one walking child. If you plan to come with only a crawling child then they will need to be added as a walking child for £12 or £10, depending on which session you book.


Child in peak times (9.15am & 12.15pm) – £12.00

Child in off peak (3.15pm) – £10.00

Babies on the move in peak times (crawling but non walking) – £5

Babies on the move in off peak (crawling but non walking) – £4

Babies in arms – Free

Adults – £1 each 

Please see our Rules of Pay for more details. And our Booking Terms and Conditions. All children must be supervised by an adult over the